Custom Bedroom Closets


At Farmazan we craft our products around your vision. We boast a wide assortment of styles and designs for your kitchen, wardrobe, and furniture. Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or something entirely unique, we will work together to make sure that every product has you in mind.

Our line of closets (built in or otherwise) ,just like our cabinets and doors are manufactured from the finest in quality woods. We make custom furniture based on your requirements and specifications. Explore among the variety of wardrobe styles, textures, colors available as per your requirements.
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  • Walk In
  • We offer a limitless variety of design options to suit your exact needs with a wide selection of accessories and finishes to provide the flexibility and add a magic touch for your dream closet. Walk-in closets make it extremely easy to manage your choices.

  • Sliding
  • Come experience our bestselling style of closets that offer the most innovative ways of closet arrangements ensuring that we make the most of the space and ensure that your closet comes to life with our intrinsic urban designs.

  • Hinged
  • If you’re looking for something with a more classic look and feel, our hinged closet designs ensure you that you won’t be disappointed. Choose from a variety of designs, colors and textures that suit your style!

    Stylish and Inventive Walk In Wardrobe/Closet

    Keeping your closet tidy and organized can be quite a challenge – what more if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and accessories?

    The popular and most recommended storage solution for U.A.E homes is a fitted walk-in wardrobe since this closet design is best for keeping all your clothes organized and easily accessible.

    For stylish and fully functional fitted walk-in closets for U.A.E homes and apartments, Farmazan is the furniture store and manufacturer that can do the job exactly how you want it done.

    Trendy Walk-In and Sliding Closet Designs

    Farmazan closets & kitchens is a renowned furniture company in the U.A.E that specializes in providing a variety of space-saving custom wardrobe solutions, such as walk-in closets or sliding closet units.

    Established in 2007, we have more than a decade of experience making different sliding closet designs, which cemented our position as one of the most trusted experts in the industry.

    When we take on a project for building closets, we make sure to find out the specific needs of our client, such as the kind of items they plan to store, their preferred types of cabinets and shelving, and the overall theme and layout of the space.

    Knowing these elements allows us to effectively create a blueprint that encompasses all the requirements of our clients, ensuring we’ll be able to build a wardrobe solution exclusively fitted for them.

    Convenient Service for Closets and Wardrobes

    What distinguishes us from other furniture companies in U.A.E is we make full use of our top-of-the-line German technology to ensure our products are built with utmost precision and craftsmanship.

    Complementing this sophisticated process is the superior quality of our materials. We only use the finest raw materials that we exclusively import from Italy and Germany.

    Our people also make sure to deliver according to schedule and to install the units without causing our clients any inconvenience.

    To cap it off, we offer outstanding customer service that includes a free warranty and free consultation.